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The Save Project Feature Is Here To Save The Day

By BeFunky | What’s New

I can’t count how many times I’ve been sitting at my computer with my shoulders hunched over, putting on the finishing touches for a project, then sauntered off and left my laptop unplugged. This, of course, meant my computer would die before I could get the chance to finish my project, leaving me a very angry chocolate-filled writer.

As much as I’d like to hope this was a one time thing, it’s not the case. And I know I’m not alone, either (okay, I hope I’m not). We all slip up sometimes and curse the heavens whenever we lose progress on a project, and while that’s a perfectly healthy way to deal with your emotions, there’s definitely a better solution to all this.

*cue drumroll*

Ladies and gentlemen... allow me to introduce you to our new Save as Project feature for the Designer Toolset.


It’s easy to see how you could get caught up in a whole slew of epic projects: after all, the Designer is filled with a dazzling array of templates and customizable options, so it makes perfect sense to see how you could be racked with a serious case of ‘what should I work on now?' every now and then.

Or maybe you’re working on something extra fancy and want to devote a couple of hours to making it perfect; regardless of what you’re working on, this feature is a game changer. Just go in, start designing and simply select ‘Save as Project’ from the Save menu whenever you’re ready to save your work.

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To pull up a previously saved project, head over to the Project Manager on the left hand toolbar and click ‘Load Project’ under Computer.


You can also save your projects straight to BeFunky and access them through the Project Manager by selecting ‘Get BeFunky Projects’ under the BeFunky tab—meaning you can work on any project, at any time, from any computer (say whaaa). All you need is an internet connection, and suddenly you're designing your way all over the world. Look at you.


This is going to be the beginning of something beautiful. Access your projects with unlimited ease from just about anywhere (hey ma, I can work remotely now!), work on multiple projects at once, and, best of all, work at your own pace.

We’re livin’ the dream now.

Excited to see what you can come up with? So are we. Show us what you've got today.

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