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The Grunge Scene: Now part of your digital life

By Derric | Effects Showcase

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You may not be the lead singer in a Seattle Garage Band—you may not be in the grunge frame of mind all the time—but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate the grunge look, feel and vibe. It's easy to listen to grunge—just throw some Nirvana, Alice in Chains or Silverchair on your iPod—but when it comes to capturing the grunge effect on film, life isn't so simple. Now, with instant digital grunge photo effect technology from BeFunky, you can give any digital photograph a grunge makeover and it's so easy.

Grunge Up Your Life

At first glance, it would seem that creating a grunge look by capturing a grittier, scratchier slice of life wouldn't be so hard. After all, it takes a lot of effort to make a photo look high-def, so one would assume that trying to take a photo that looks a lot rawer and grittier wouldn't be such a challenge.

One would be wrong.

It takes a lot of post-photography editing to give your photos a grunge look and up until now, unless you were the king of Adobe Photoshop, making it happen was difficult. Normally, you'd need a high-powered Mac or PC computer capable of rendering images quickly and you'd need to search for the perfect grunge brush. That's all changed with BeFunky.

The BeFunky grunge photo effect alters your digital photographs by combining dark colors, scratches, gritty textures and even some dust to give your photograph that dark grunge look and feel. And it literally all happens in a click or two.

Grunge Photo Effect Made Easy

Sure you can dress grunge and snap a photo, but you'll probably end up looking like a poser. And nobody wants that. But when you pose and add a Grunge photo effect to the mix, the results are awesome.

While you can work with any existing photograph and transform it into a grunge photo masterpiece, if you're starting from scratch, taking new photos is how the real grunge photo effect magic happens.

Irregular compositions that you wouldn't necessarily find in a family album are perfect for the grunge photo effect. Stay away from portrait shots of Grandma holding a baby. Sure, a grunge effect might look interesting, but there are better effects for that. Instead, consider young people dancing, kids rocking out, teenagers going crazy in the park, or pretty much anything else.

Play with the point of view in your grunge photo. Try some extreme angles. Put the main focus on the left or right sides of the photograph. Just be creative. The more interesting your shot is, the more authentic it might look when you apply the grunge effect.

Be Grunge. BeFunky.

BeFunky's Grunge Photo Effect offers a number of presets to help you select the perfect grunge look for your photo. When you're done creating a grunge photo, come back and tell us about the process right here and what you've done with it. From creating a poster for your band to whipping up an awesome looking Fallout Boy poster for your girlfriend, there are so many uses for the grunge photo effect, so play around. We'll let you get back to that Seattle music now.

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