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The Best Yoga Poses to Improve Focus

By Kristen Yates | Inspiration

Have you ever wondered if there was a quick way to sharpen your focus and concentration? With all the distractions going on in life today, many of us certainly need it! These 5 great yoga poses will have you feeling more focused and clear in no time. And with this sharp infographic made in the Designer Toolset, you’ll feel inspired to practice them daily!


Here's how we created this sweet infographic:

First, head into the Designer. Under "Templates", head over to "Blogger Resources" and select "Infographics." I like this template to use for our design.


Next up, I'm going to delete all the stock photos from the template we selected, and upload my own photos. I've got a photo for each yoga pose, all uploaded here through the Image Manager!


Great! Photos uploaded, now it's time to place them in the template. I've taken out the elements from the template that I don't want to use, so I can put my photos in there.


Now I'm going to add back in the overlays, so our text can pop out on top of the pictures. I'm going to change the color of the overlay from grey in the template, to a nice rosy color.


It's easy to play with the color shades—just click the object, and the color manager box will pop up.


After I've found the shade I want for my overlay boxes, I'm just going to duplicate them and place them on each photo. Don't forget to click the "Move Forward" button if your overlay box is hiding in the back!


Now, I'm going to edit the text on top of these overlays, so that we will be able to see what each yoga pose is called! Personally, I love the "Veggieburger" font for this!


I'm going to caption each photo, and move the text so that it's centered on top of the overlay, moving it to the front if I need to! If you need a little more photo inspiration, BeFunky's Pinterest has a great health & fitness board.


Now it's time to make our title. I'm going to change the background color from the template to a sunny yellow, and remove the text so we can insert our own! It's fun to play around with different fonts for the title, really giving our infographic some personality.


Finish up a few final touches... making sure everything is centered and looks nice, and then we're all done! A super easy and sweet graphic to share our favorite yoga poses for improving focus and concentration.


So what sweet yoga poses are you going to share in your infographic? We can't wait to see!


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