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Pumping Up The Personal Training Business With BeFunky

By Peter Latriano | Case Studies

Mr. Burns had a revolutionary idea that would transform the personal training business. He created an app that had the capability to connect personal trainers with their clientele, instantly. It gave clients unlimited access to their trainers, and provided trainers with the ability to give personalized attention and workout plans to their customers. He named his new business Optimize Enterprize. With this kind of anywhere, anytime connectivity, his business should have been an immediate success. But, it wasn’t till Mr. Burns started using BeFunky to create ads, social media banners, and Instagram posts that his idea took off.

“The endless amount of effects, filters, and textures I can use with BeFunky is amazing. It allows me to make high quality and unique creations.”

The Situation

About two years ago, Mr. Burns started a career as a personal trainer. After finding some success, he realized he was limited in how many clients he could manage at one time. To expand his capabilities, he made his business digital and provided training services online. By doing so, he was able to significantly increase his number of clients. But, this also meant he needed to work with more personal trainers to support this new business model.

“The biggest challenge I faced as an entrepreneur was getting initial momentum for my business and brand. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and marketing to become a household name as a startup.”
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The Solution

After researching online photo editors, Mr. Burns was lucky enough to stumble upon BeFunky. At first, he only used it to market his personal brand. He would take a selfie, add filters, textures, and an inspirational quote to create professional-quality images for ads, Facebook, and Instagram. But as business expanded, the new trainers he was working with struggled to gain clientele of their own. They knew the in's and out's of exercise but lacked the marketing skills necessary for success. To change this, he began helping fellow trainers find success through BeFunky. He showed them how the Photo Editor can be used to resize photos for social media, edit cover photos and create banners. He also introduced them to the Graphic Designer, so they could create logos, event invitations and so much more.

“The end goal of Optimize Enterprize is to help trainers get jobs, and help clients get in shape. I want to make both of their lives easier through the latest technology, marketing and sales techniques.”
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BeFunky has become a valuable marketing tool for Mr. Burns. Through it's vast amounts of effects and filters, he has been able to create unique, engaging and professional quality images that set his personal training business apart. It continues to be an integral part of his business, and he has even used it to help others reach a similar level of success.

"Be patient, master your craft and understand what your market wants."
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Whether you're in the business of personal training or not, BeFunky's Photo Editor, Collage Maker and Graphic Designer can help give your business a lift too!

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