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Oh My: What Lovely Updates You Have There

By BeFunky | Inspiration

October is the best—this much we know is fact. From the almighty PSL to all things Halloween and beyond, it’s pretty hard to resist the appeal that is the sweet, sweet beginning of fall.


To help make your October even better, we’ve just rolled out some new goodies for our ever-amazing Photo Editor that we really think you’re going to love…

Clone Me, Baby

We know you’re huge fans of the Clone tool out there—after all, how else can you eliminate all those pesky little distractions that occasionally find their way into your shot?  You’ll be delighted to know that the Clone tool has just been given some new, fancy upgrades on our end, meaning it’s better than ever. Try it out for yourself and revel in its new awesome powers.


Pro Tip: Hold down the Ctrl/Command key on your keyboard and click the image to select a new clone source.

Crop It Like It’s Hot

Crop tool throwing you off your game? Never fear: we’ve listened it to what you had to say, and to show you just how much we care, we’ve changed around the Crop tool to make it infinitely more user-friendly. Just adjust your selection area over the photo, click and you’re good to go.

Crop tool by BeFunky

Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Thanks to our spiffy new Hair Color tool, you can have any hair color you like without having to actually dye it (muahahaha), so feel free to try on just about any color your heart desires. Choose your color, adjust your strength and brush hardness (the amount of feathering, or how well the effect will blend in) and you’re suddenly some sort of blue haired goddess ready to hit the town.



The Hangover That Couldn’t

I guess they call it ‘beauty sleep’ on account of the fact that if I sleep for under 6 hours a night my body can and will punish me for it. So whether you’ve been out partying til sunrise or just had a very, very late night of Netflix and chill, use the new Eye Brighten tool to perk up your look. Adjust your brush size, hover over the whites of your eyes, click and...ooh, look how shiny!

Eyelashes For Days

Admit it: we all know you want those long, luscious eyelashes (without having to do all of that fancy work, of course). You can finally nab that professional look in just a few quick clicks with the new Mascara tool—just play around with the effect strength, brush size and hardness until you find the right fit for you.



Honey, I Shrunk...Myself?

The holidays are fast approaching, which inevitably means your jeans will become just that much tighter for every piece of joyous pie you eat. If you find yourself despairing, never fear: the Slimming tool is here for you. To use it, just adjust the amount of the effect with the slider, and suddenly you’re back to your slimmed down self.

Now clap your hands if you love new updates, cause it’s about to get crazy up in here. Take the new tools out for a spin today & let us know what you think:

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified