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Meet Bentley: The Friendliest, Funkiest Pit Bull Around

By Whitney | Case Studies

It was a blistering hot day in Las Vegas when Laura met Bentley, then a small Pit Bull puppy who belonged to a homeless man. One could say it was fate that brought them together, because Laura ended up being the good home that Bentley’s previous owner wanted to find for his puppy. That day on the Vegas Strip, Laura adopted Bentley as her own. Shortly after, she started a blog called My Pit Bull Friend to show the world that Pit Bulls are not always the aggressive animals they are made out to be.

“I noticed how many people were in support of Pit Bulls and decided my blog would be a great platform, in addition to social media, to share my stories and ideas. I have received a lot of positive feedback and it makes me quite happy to know that my efforts in spreading the joy of Bentley and other dogs like her are working.”
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Laura's blog features photos of Bentley that are inviting and witty, with fun props and accessories that showcase Bentley's personality. She even began sewing her own bow ties and accessories to feature in these photos, which she found to be a hot commodity. After beginning to sell these accessories on Etsy, Laura found demand to be so high that she created a website exclusively for her shop, called LA Doggy. For her blog, social media, and product photography, she finds all the editing tools she needs in the BeFunky Photo Editor.  

“After trying out a few other editors beforehand, I decided that BeFunky was my favorite. It is aesthetically pleasing and provides way more features than any other editor I tried out. It’s very user friendly and I use it all the time for blogging, social media, and even personal photography.”
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Laura’s photos certainly stand out. Her Instagram account was featured on Huffington Post as one of the 16 Pit Bull Accounts Every Pit Bull Lover Should Follow. A prominent dog rescue app chose one of Laura’s photos of Bentley as the winner of a $500 donation to a Pit Bull Rescue fund. This was a huge accomplishment, as her greatest passion is giving back to Pit Bulls in desperate need of rescue. A portion of every sale on LA Doggy goes on to help at-risk dogs find rescue and assistance.

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Another huge accomplishment is having people from all around the world contact Laura to say that they enjoy reading her blog articles and looking at all the pictures she takes of Bentley. Some of her favorite ways to make her photos pop with the BeFunky Photo Editor?

“For my blog, my favorite BeFunky feature is the text over image function. It features many different fonts, colors, effects, and it definitely helps make my blog post photos pop. I use it all the time on my featured blog images to engage readers since most people look at photos before even reading titles, this way they have both in one photo! I also love using fun filters like Pop Art, and actually created a tutorial for my readers to make printable DIY Dog Art using BeFunky Effects.”
diy dog art created with BeFunky

Through My Pit Bull Friend and LA Doggy, Laura has used photography to show that with the proper love and care, all dogs can be friendly and humane, regardless of their breed reputation. Her biggest piece of advice to bloggers who are looking to up their blog game?

“I believe that photos are the key element in a blog post. The first thing readers will be drawn to are photos, so if you are lacking in that department, it will have a negative impact on your audience. By using pictures that are edited well, you will engage your audience. This is why having a photo editor like BeFunky, that is easy-to-use and multi-functional, should be one of your best friends as a blogger”

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Inspired by Laura's incredible photo editing skills? All these tools and more are right at your fingertips:

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified