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How To Turn Photos Into Retro Multimedia

By Whitney | Basic Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

The Effects tab of our Photo Editor is a goldmine of awesome photo effects and filters to make your photos pop. The coolest thing about them is that they’re all 100% customizable, and even combine-able, so you can always get a look that no one else has! One of our favorite additions to the collection is our Multimedia effects.

multimedia photo effects by BeFunky

From vintage television screen filters to a print magazine look, there’s something nostalgic for everyone. They’ll make your photos look like retro multimedia in the best way!

Multimedia Photo Effects Inspiration

After locating the new Multimedia category in the Effects tab of our Photo Editor, you’ll find three amazing filters to transform your photos. These Multimedia Effects give your images a retro vibe, making them look like they’re being viewed on a vintage computer screen, television screen, or from the pages of a newspaper print. They’re all perfect for making your photos stand out in a vintage kinda way! Here’s how they look:

Scan Lines

The Scan Lines effect emulates an older computer screen (if you’re old enough to remember life before Macbooks and retina displays!). Back in the days where CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screens were commonplace for computers, you’d see horizontal lines across the entire screen that were discernible even from a distance. Now with the Scan Lines effect, you can replicate the look and get a little nostalgic.

scan lines photo effect by BeFunky

We can hear the dialup modem now..


The CRT screens were also common for television screens a few decades ago, and the Television effect replicates the look of a retro color tv. If you zoom into your photo after adding the Television effect, you’ll see that it composes your photo of tiny RGB (red, green, and blue) boxes and puts them all together to create the scene. It’s crazy to think that this is what our television screens looked like in the past now that we have things like 4K and HDR, but it makes a really cool vintage effect for your photos!

television photo effect by BeFunky

Doesn't it look like you're about to watch your favorite show in the 1980's?

Halftone Duo

In print, halftone is a retrographic technique that simulates imagery through the use of dots that vary in size and spacing. If you look closely at an image printed on newspaper, especially one from decades past, you’ll see that the photo is composed of dots that blend together to create the imagery. In true fashion, our new Halftone Duo effect recreates this look by adding dots of varying sizes and densities to your photo.

Halftone photo effect by BeFunky

Now that you’ve got some visual inspiration for your next photo editing session, we’ll show you how easy it is to add these Multimedia effects to your photos! The best part about these effects is you won’t find them anywhere else - they’ll have everyone wondering how you got the look!

How To Add Multimedia Effects to Photos

To get started, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload your image using the Open button at the top of the page, or simply drag-and-drop your image file into the interface. Next, click on the Effects tab (the star icon) in the menu on the left.

multimedia photo effects by BeFunky

Scroll down to the Multimedia category and click to open it. You’ll be able to preview each of the effects on your photo by clicking on the effect thumbnails. When you find an effect you love, you can use the slider on the thumbnail to adjust the strength of the effect. From here, you can either click the checkmark to apply the effect or click on the Settings menu (the mixing board icon) on the effect thumbnail for even more customization options.

Halftone Duo photo effects by BeFunky

The Settings menu for each of these effects will look different based on the effect you choose. In this case (we’ve chosen Halftone Duo), there are options to adjust several settings. The Amount slider controls the opacity of the effect. The Density slider refers to how condensed or spread apart the dots are, meaning you can slide the Density slider to the left for dots that are further apart, or to the right to make the dots closer together. The Tolerance slider controls where the dots are present on your photo. More tolerance gives you more clusters of dots in the darker areas of the image, while less tolerance keeps the clusters of dots to a minimum.

how to create halftone duo photo

Continuing down the Settings menu, you’ll notice you can control the color of the Halftone Duo effect, giving your image a duotone look! Clicking the box next to Shadow Color will bring up a Color Palette that allows you to choose the color of the shadows (darker areas) of your image. The box next to Highlight Color will allow you to choose a color for the highlights (lighter areas) of your image. The Shadow Color and Highlight Color settings will work together to take your image from completely halftone to a halftone duotone (hence the effect name Halftone Duo!). You’ll also notice an Invert option, which allows you to essentially invert the colors. Check the box to see which look you like the most.     

how to create halftone duotone photo

Lastly, each of the Multimedia effects offer a Paint Mode option, where you can selectively apply the effect to the image if you need to. Simply click the Paint tab in the effect’s Settings menu (next to Adjust) and use your mouse to paint on the areas of the image you’d like to remove the effect from. If you’d rather paint the effect on instead of remove it, just click the Inverse icon (two overlapping squares) to do so. And remember that increasing the Brush Hardness gives your paint brush sharper edges, while decreasing it gives you softer edges.

how to use paint mode in BeFunky

When your Multimedia effect is looking perfect, click the checkmark to apply all of your edits.

how to save photo in BeFunky

From here, you can keep using tools and effects in BeFunky’s Photo Editor, or click the Save button at the top of the screen to save your work.

Final Results

Multimedia effects are such a fun way to do something different with your photos, all in a few clicks! Check out how we made this image look like it’s straight from the pages of a newspaper print:

halftone photo filter by BeFunky

And how cool it looks when you give it some duotone color:

Halftone duotone photo filter by BeFunky

Ready to get started with these awesome Multimedia effects? We bet you are! Click the link below to try them out on your photos.

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