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Masters of Artsy Effects: Ross Reitzammer (1/2)

By Derric | Case Studies

Have you ever seen a BeFunky photo and wondered, 'how could someone create such a beautiful image with such a simple tool'? This is actually something we ask time to time at the BeFunky office. So we're starting a new series to introduce these talented people to you and reveal their secrets!

Our first guest is Ross, known as HaardNox on Flickr and BeFunky Gallery. Here is Ross's story:

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There was a time I used to sketch and paint and express myself using traditional forms of art. I studied art for a while then gave it up for music. After finishing my education in music, I decided I'd never make it as a rock star and I had better seek a profession that would sustain a family. So, in 1978 I bought an Apple II computer and learned how to program. I've been a programmer ever since.

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Recently (in the last 10 years) I have been able to return to my creative roots using graphic design tools for designing the graphic user interface for my web applications and Windows applications. I was using purchased stock photos and artwork. They were either awful or I would have to spend hours in Photoshop just trying to get something that would work. It was frustrating! Finally (three years ago) I bought my first digital camera and set out to create my own artwork.

Now, photography has become my passion! I am no pro, but I have learned that I can control the way I take a photo so that it lends itself well to whatever graphic interpretation I may have in mind. It has opened me up to a whole new world of creative possibilities. About a year or so ago I was stumbling around on the web using Stumbleupon.com (don't go there, it is highly addictive and there should be a 12 step program for its users!). It was there that I discovered BeFunky.com. I uploaded and processed some of my photos and I was blown away by the effects they had.

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I was really amazed at what I could do and how quickly I could do it (...and this was before they added all the cool new features!). Over the last year BeFunky.com has really done a great job enhancing their online tools and it has become an important asset to my arsenal of artistic rendering tools. Now, Barış Gezer from BeFunky has noticed some of my work and has asked me to explain how I use BeFunky to process my photos.

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