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8 Things To Love (or Hate) About Spring

By Patricia McNamara | Inspiration

Bow down to the flip-flops and hip new shades. Spring is in full effect and I’m starting to shake out of the winter blahs—finally!

While the weather and closet staples are coming up roses (some quite literally), it doesn’t necessarily mean that the season is always what it’s cracked up to be. Let’s just say “spring fever” can sometimes go both ways. I’m sounding off on the warm-weather truths below. Admit it, at one point or another you have probably felt the same.

1. Tulips


The Fab: Color—and lot’s of it. These beauties are a kick to the monochromatic winter lull. Hello, fun new Insta snaps!
More Like… BRB. I can’t really read what I am typing because my eyeballs are currently being assaulted by pollen.

2. Rain Showers

Spring Showers Flowers

The Fab: It’s soothing, it brings rainbows, and it’s got this distinct smell that not even Yankee Candle could recreate.
More Like… Goodbye hair I just spent hours styling. Hello all-day wet leg.

3. Warmer Wardrobes

Dance Spring

The Fab: Freedom! Toes breathe another day with strappy wedges and sandals. Same with your head, shoulders and knees.
More Like… I knew I should’ve cashed in on all of those “I’ll go to the gym…tomorrow” days.

4. Insects


The Fab: Buzzing, flying, creepishly crawling. They bring new livelihood.
More Like… If I flap my hands and start running it won’t sting me, RIGHT?!

5. Spring Cleaning


The Fab: A fresh slate where things are decluttered, dusted and put in their proper places. Ahh.
More Like… That obligatory time of year when I’m reminded that I’m a hoarder.

6. Festivals

Spring Festival

The Fab: The one time it’s socially acceptable to don the zaniest ensemble and frolic in uncharted territories having not showered for a week.
More Like… So you want me to empty my rent budget to rub elbows with a bunch of sweaty strangers?

7. Birds


The Fab: Chirp, chirp. It’s like bird talk for saying, “Spring has arrived!”
More Like… Bet the car wash dude loves me right about now.

8. Changing Temps

Feliz Primavera

The Fab: Yes, the carefree summer days (and potential vacay) are that much closer.


More Like… First it’s freezing, then it’s hot. It’s like that indecisive ex all over again.

What do you love (or hate) about spring?

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