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Long-waited New Features and New Effects !

By Derric | What’s New


Long-waited NEW Editing options and Features have just been released..
We have been collecting requests from our community and took action towards their needs.

Here is the list of new features BeFunky proudly presents ;

New Editing Features !
- Fix Red Eye
- Eye Color
- Lipstick
- Bronzer
- Blush
- Wrinkle Remover
- FlashSpot Fixer

New Effects
- 2 New Effects Under B&W Category
- 2 New Effects Under Old Photo Category

Updates !
- All Effects and Functions are categorized for EASY navigation.
- Apply button integrated into all adjustment windows.
- Clever History feature keeps everything you have done to your photos for easy
Undo/Redo option.
- Sophisticated Paint Mode for local editing and local effect implementation.
- Faster navigation
- Clean and easy user interface

Stay Tuned and Funky for More...

Enjoy BeFunky..!

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