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Create Custom LinkedIn Business Banners

By Melanie Doncas | Designer Tutorials

With over 675 million monthly users, LinkedIn is an excellent place to set up a page for your company. Not only does it provide you with a platform to build brand awareness, but it’s also a great channel for promoting your products and services to a wide audience. LinkedIn is already home to over 30 million companies to-date though, so how can you make sure you’re a cut above the rest?

LinkedIn for business

The answer lies in your company profile page, or more specifically, how good it looks. Don’t worry though, BeFunky’s LinkedIn Banner templates are the perfect starting point for making a business page look its best. They’re quick and easy to customize too, and we’re going to show you how!

LinkedIn Banner Inspiration for Businesses

You’ve probably seen it before: the company who uses a generic banner for their LinkedIn page, only to blend into the sea of other, non-branded company pages. Our advice? Don’t let that happen to your business! Utilize the prime real estate of your profile’s banner to further establish your branding and communicate what your biz is all about.

Need some ideas? We’ve got you sorted. These are just some of our favorite styles of LinkedIn Banners for Business, available in our Graphic Designer.

Modern Boutique

This template is the perfect example of the fact that your LinkedIn Banner doesn’t have to be complicated – sometimes simple can be the most striking. Within one glance, we instantly recognize what this business is all about – fashion – while we also gain an appreciation for its modern, yet minimalistic aesthetic.

Modern boutique LinkedIn banner

Icon Driven

If photos aren’t really your brand’s thing, then that’s ok too! This LinkedIn Banner uses nothing but symbols and a stunning color scheme to showcase who the company is and what they do. With our large library of graphic elements, you’re in luck. There’s an icon to suit absolutely any business, no matter what your brand identity.

Icon driven LinkedIn banner

Neutral & Earthy

When it comes to the design of your LinkedIn Banner, your logo doesn’t always have to be front and center. Take this template, for example, which uses a big and bold font to highlight the company’s motto and values all-in-one: “Cosmetics, 100% cruelty-free.” This brand identity is further backed-up with the banner’s design, including its earthy color palette and natural, no-fuss photography.

Neutral and earthy banner

Bold Colors

If your business isn’t for the faint-hearted, then use the design of your LinkedIn Banner to show this. In this template, we find bold, punchy, and somewhat old-school colors combined with a retro image of a car. Instantly, we know this isn’t any old auto shop; it’s one for vintage car lovers who long for the same service of eras gone by. By pairing a bold color palette with simple, black-and-white imagery, you can achieve a sense of balance that won’t be too visually overwhelming.

Bold colors LinkedIn banners

Photo Collage

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so why not let a photo collage style LinkedIn Banner do the talking for your business? This template showcases two on-brand photos which sum-up the company nicely: Oceanside and Coffee. Plus, the simple white background allows the photos to instantly catch our eye.

Photo collage LinkedIn banner

How to Create a Business LinkedIn Banner

Keen to create your own Business LinkedIn Banner? Head to the Graphic Designer, and in the Templates library, type LinkedIn Banner into the Search Bar.

LinkedIn banners for business

Choose a template which takes your fancy, then click Use This Template to get started.

LinkedIn banners for business

Firstly, we’re going to show you how to change the text of your template. Just double-click the text box you wish to change and type what you’d like it to say. You’ll also notice that when you click on any text box, a Text Properties toolbar appears. From here, you can change things such as Font, Text Size, Text Color, Spacing, and more.

LinkedIn banners for business

There are heaps of fonts to choose from, including ones which offer additional variations, such as Medium, Bold, Extra Bold, etc.

LinkedIn banners for business

To change your text’s color, simply click on the colored square next to the Text Size. This will open up the Color Palette, where you can select your desired color. You can also type in the color’s HEX Code (if you know it) or use the Eyedropper Tool to select a color already present in your template.

LinkedIn banners for business

You can also easily change the background color of your design by navigating to Customize in the main menu on the left. Choose a color from one of the featured swatches or click on the first colored square to open the Color Palette.

LinkedIn banners for business

Next, we’re going to delete the template’s existing graphics to replace them with ones more suited to the business this banner is promoting. To do this, click on the graphic, then hit Delete on your keyboard.

LinkedIn banners for business

You can access our huge library of graphics by clicking on Graphics in the main menu, followed by Search Graphics. Just type your search term into the Search Bar then hit Enter. Alternatively, you can upload a graphic from your Computer’s files by clicking the green Computer button in the Graphics tab.

LinkedIn banners for business

To place your chosen graphics onto your template, just click and drag them into place. You can also make them smaller or larger by dragging the corners inwards or outwards, as well as rotate them by dragging the outermost circle left or right.

LinkedIn banners for business

Want to change the Color Overlay of your graphic? Click your graphic and a Graphic Properties toolbar appears. Click the square next to Color Overlay to open the Color Palette, type in the HEX Code, or use the Eyedropper Tool.

LinkedIn banners for business

We’re also going to show you how you can add a photo to your LinkedIn Banner’s background, if you’d prefer that over the colored background. Navigate to Image Manager in the main menu. From here, you can upload an image from your Computer, or click Search Stock Images to access our library of over one million free-to-use stock photos.

LinkedIn banners for business

With your selected image in your Image Manager, simply right-click it and select Add as Layer. Then, once on your template, right-click again and select Canvas > Fill Canvas.

Electronics, Text, Screen, Rose, Plant, Flower

To set your image as the background, right-click it again, this time selecting Layer Order > Move Backwards. Continue clicking Move Backwards until your image sits behind each of your elements.

LinkedIn banners for business

Ta-da! Doesn’t that look good? To save your work, just click Save at the top of the screen, before selecting your desired save location. Too easy!

LinkedIn banners for business

Final Results

Text, Word, Rose, Flower, Plant, Blossom

Don’t let your business fade into obscurity! Increase your brand awareness and promote your products or services to the right audience with a perfectly branded LinkedIn Banner on your company page. With our Business LinkedIn Banner templates, it has never been easier! 

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