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Behind The Blog With La Cuochina Sopraffina

By Whitney | Case Studies

By day, Veruska Anconitano is a journalist and Online Marketing Manager living in Dublin, Ireland. By night, her Italian roots are manifested in La Cuochina Sopraffina, an online food blog where she shares her delicious, authentic Italian recipes. Anconitano’s food blog began six years ago, when she made the move from Italy to Ireland.

“I was working as a consultant in the food industry and I wanted a place where to share my recipes and my daily life in a different country. From there a big community has grown around the blog and myself, and today La Cuochina Sopraffina is part of my job both in the kitchen and as a food consultant.”
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In the beginning, La Cuochina Sopraffina was all about the writing. Anconitano quickly learned that photography and graphics play a huge part in blogging, so with the photography skills of her husband and the ease of the BeFunky Graphic Designer, she began to get more creative. With customizable templates for blog graphics, menus, invitations, and more, Anconitano finds everything she needs for blogging and hosting cooking classes. 

“I find BeFunky so intuitive and easy (even for me, a graphically illiterate person!) that I can design amazing graphics for my blog and work without having to learn Photoshop and other complicated software. I can create infographics and add text to photos in just a few minutes.”
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For her mouth-watering Instagram feed, Anconitano turns to the BeFunky Collage Maker. The simple drag and drop functionality (and now even simpler Collage Wizard) makes it easy to share multiple photos showcasing her tasty creations.

“I love the Collage Maker for sharing multiple photos or a quick behind-the-scenes look at my recipes. I can make beautiful collages in seconds and share them on my social media feeds. It really helps to share the story of my recipes.”
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The incredible recipes and stunning design of La Cuochina Sopraffina has made the blog a hot commodity. It has been featured on Huffington Post and Anconitano has been asked to speak at several events and training panels about her job as a blogger. She travels around the world teaching cooking classes and serving as a personal chef, bringing the joy of Italian food to the masses. Her advice to other bloggers out there?

“Have fun, always. Being happy and having fun is a conditio sine qua non to be a blogger. So many unexpected things have happened to me as a result of La Cuochina Sopraffina. Don’t be afraid to be open, work a lot, and experiment.”
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