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Jose Cabrera / Teacher

By Derric | Case Studies

Jose works at Topaz Elementary School in the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District in CA. He teaches 4th grade during the day, but after school he teaches an extracurricular class with a group of 25 6th graders using digital cameras. The photos that students capture are downloaded to their computers in the lab and then uploaded to BeFunky.

Art, Modern Art, Painting, Canvas, Graphics

- We add different effects to our photos and the ones we choose changes based on the subject for the week.

Face, Person, Human, Head

- Last year we had our first photo exhibit of student work and the staff, parents, students, and even school board members praised the students' work.

Graphics, Art, Pattern, Collage, Poster, Advertisement

- At Topaz, we hold our students accountable for everything they do. This requires them to give 100% every time.

Plant, Halloween, Pumpkin, Vegetable, Food, Produce

- With BeFunky, they have no problem giving it there all and the results are proof of that.

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