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The 10 Most Iconic Festival Pics

By Yume Delegato | Inspiration

While the solstice may be almost a month away, for many people, the real harbinger of summer is the start of "Festival Season." Whether you're hitting up a local music festival, catching the acts at the state fair, or getting super weird at Burning Man, make sure you take a couple of these quintessential festival pics (just make sure you don't post all of them at once):


1. All About That Wristband Lifestyle

Before any major festival, my FOMO usually starts early as I see people throwing up photos of their Bonnaroo wristbands and backstage passes on Instagram. That said, I have no shame about throwing up my own 'gram, if I'm the one sporting some wrist bling.


2. The Festival Outfit Selfie

If you're the sort of person who does #OOTD photos, don't forget to do Outfit Of The Day: Coachella Edition. (Photo Credit: alexis.bennett.1614


3. The (Regular) Festival Selfie

I don't look very good in denim cutoffs, so I usually skip the outfit selfies, but I'll occasionally indulge in a more traditional selfie, like this time I ran into one of my readers at a music festival.


4. The Venue Shot

A lot of music venues take place in pretty picturesque locales. Make use of that. (Photo Credit: fauxfawn)


5. The Marquee Attraction

Just in case your friends forget where you are.


6. The OMG I'm Really Close To The Stage Shot

Pro-Tip: Many music festivals use multiple stages with staggered sets, so just as the band on Stage A is finishing, the band on Stage B is getting ready to go on – that way, if you don't mind running back and forth between stages, you can see twice as many bands. If, however, you want to get an awesome close-up shot, figure out where the band you want to see is playing, then figure out who's playing on that same stage like three sets earlier. Go watch that band. Stand way in the front. (It should be easy to get a spot at this point.) Stay there for like the next four hours.


7. Go Wide

You really want your friends to know how close you were to the stage? Break out that panorama function, baby!


8. You'll Never Guess What Just Happened (aka When Things Got Real)

Getting this kind of shot is a lot easier if The Flaming Lips are present.


9. The Swag

Festival (music or otherwise) are usually a great place to score free swag. Whether you're humble-bragging or just straight up bragging, make sure to record your swag haul for posterity's sake.


10. The Aftermath Shot

Outdoor festivals are DIRTY, man. Make sure you document the damage to your OOTD before you hit the showers.

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