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Tips For Radiant, Healthy Skin In Photos

By Kelsey Wilburn | Inspiration

We've all been there - wake up in the morning, do our usual routine (face-wash, lotion, SPF, make-up), and look in the mirror to find an unexpected face looking back. It's that tired face. Pale and dry skin. Bloodshot eyes or bags under your eyes. Dark circles. Hair that looks lackluster. It's my least favorite morning and it's always a Monday morning after a long weekend spent neglecting myself, my skin, and my usual routine.

As a style blogger, I'm constantly in front of the camera lens and it's a great reality check for me and my skincare. There are many days when I look washed out and tired in photos (it ruins a photo set) and I need to rethink my healthy, glowing skin routine. For those of you that suffer from the same unfortunate off-days (I know you've all been in that same spot, 40 selfies later without a good one to show for it), here are some tips for lifestyle changes you can make to assure radiant, healthy skin in real life and in photos. And for those days that you just can't pull it together (hello, Photo Editor!), I've got a few cheats for as well.


1. Drink more water. Your mom says it. Your doctor says it. It's probably a frequent headline on the Huffington Post. But it's true. Drinking a glass of water before going to bed and upon waking up (in addition to six more glasses during the day) is the perfect way to hydrate your skin. You'll wake looking refreshed. Enough of that dry morning skin that just doesn't glow.

2. Turn off your electronics before bed. This is probably the hardest one of them all and I'm guilty of checking Instagram for a good 15 minutes before bed. But if you turn off your glowing screens an hour before bed, you will sleep far better and wake looking well-rested. See if you can do this for a week and pick up a great magazine or book or even just spend that time chatting with your roommate, best-friend, or significant other!


3. Less sugar and alcoholWant a recipe for bad skin, tired eyes, and a face that doesn't smile prettily back in the mirror? Keep on sipping your wine and mixed drinks and load up on sugar. I'm a big fan of cocktails, craft beer, and wine, and can't imagine giving it all up, so I try to keep my drinking in moderation! Pay special attention to your diet and drink consumption before you have an event you need to look radiant and confident for (think: wedding, luncheon, work meeting).

4. SPF. The best way to wreck your skin for the rest of your life is to neglect the SPF. Sun damage can turn beautiful skin into a wrinkly mess. Don't worry about being pale for the summer. Not only is skin-cancer-free in style, it'll save you from having to change your foundation and concealer shade during the summertime!

If you're ready to follow all of these tips, but have some photos that need a bit of that radiance ASAP, I have a few cheats for you as well.

BeFunky Collage2

1. Add a filter! Everyone knows that the reason filters on iPhone snaps are so popular is because they're infinitely more flattering than a straight out of the camera shot. Apply the Chromatic filter (my personal favorite from BeFunky) to get a rosy glow on even the dreariest of pics!

2. Beautify! I am a big fan of this saturation pumping, contrast increasing, and overall radiance boosting effect on the BeFunky app. Seriously, try it at about 25% and you'll wonder why you even bothered reading my tips above.

BeFunky Collage

3. Increase the brightness. Upon finding a crummy photo where my skin looks totally Northwest-icized (think pale, dry, and devoid of life)


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