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DIY Birthday Cards They’ll Cherish Forever

By Melanie Doncas | Designer Tutorials

Got a loved one’s birthday coming up on your calendar? Before you rush down to your nearest store to buy them a card, think about this: is a store-bought card as personal and thoughtful as a card you’ve made yourself? We didn’t think so.

create birthday cards online for free

If you really want to show someone they’re special, taking the time to make them something that makes them feel known is key. Luckily, BeFunky’s Card Maker can help you make the most perfect birthday card in just a few minutes! Keep reading to find out how.

DIY Birthday Card Inspiration

The best thing about BeFunky’s Card Maker is that it comes with tons of card templates and designs that are easy to customize. In fact, you can have a completely new and personalized card within just a few clicks (and without even having to leave your house)! Just use the templates as your design guide while you drag-and-drop photos, customize the text, change up the colors, and make it totally yours.  

Here are a few ideas to help inspire your DIY Birthday Card design:

Keep It Simple And Lighthearted

A graphic driven template is perfect for incorporating personal jokes, puns, or anything else that requires a simple design and eye-catching text to bring it to life.

funny birthday card ideas

BeFunky’s Card Maker is home to hundreds of fun vector graphics and icons for you to use in your card designs. Adding a graphic or two is a quick and easy way to personalize your DIY birthday card for your loved one, all the while giving it that professional look and feel!

Incorporate Your Favorite Photo

Got a photo of your loved one looking a little silly? Or perhaps it’s a favorite photo of the two of you that gets you laughing every time? Card templates containing a single photo are a simple, yet effective way of showing your loved one you value their relationship.

birthday card templates in BeFunky Designer

Not only do they get a surprise when they open it, but your recipient will also enjoy displaying their personalized card all-year-round, even once the birthday celebrations are over!

Create A Photo Collage

Nothing says effort quite like a DIY birthday card containing not one, but multiple images of your loved one. Perhaps you use the photos to tell a story of your recipient, or to showcase a timeline of some of the most memorable moments of their life so far (like a birthday pic from every year up to the present). And forget taking forever to line up your images perfectly; you’ll find birthday card templates that already contain a collage layout, letting you drag-and-drop photos directly into place without any hassles.

DIY birthday card ideas

Now that you’re feeling inspired with a design direction for your DIY birthday cards, it’s time to show you how to bring your creative visions to life! It couldn’t be easier, and we know you’ll find a design template for any look you’re going for.

How To Design DIY Birthday Cards

To get started, go to BeFunky’s Card Maker and choose a template that takes your fancy. Here, we’ve chosen a single photo template to begin our DIY birthday card design.

birthday card maker online by BeFunky

First up, you’ll want to swap the template’s existing photo with one of your recipient. Simply click on the existing photo to bring up an Image Properties toolbar. From here, you can select Replace Image to swap it with an image from your computer. Alternatively, you can click on the Image Manager tab at the top of the menu on the left to upload an image from your Computer, Facebook, BeFunky account, or browse over a million free stock photos to use in your birthday card project. 

birthday card designs online free

Want a simple, colored background instead of a photo? Easy! Just delete any existing image and navigate to the Customize tab in menu on the left, then select your background color. You can either choose from the available colors shown, or click on the first color tile to choose any hue you'd like.

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Next, it’s time to edit your template’s existing text. Whether it’s a simple ‘happy birthday’ or an inside joke your recipient will love, simply double-click your text and type what you want to say. When your text is selected, you’ll also notice a Text Properties toolbar is present. Use it to customize elements of your text, including Font, Font Size, Font Color, Spacing, and more!

how to add text to photo in BeFunky

Want to give your DIY birthday card some extra wow-factor? There are plenty of fun graphics, illustrations, symbols, shapes, and more located in the Design Elements tab (the heart icon) in the side menu. Use the search bar or popular tags to quickly find the customizable vectors and icons you need. When you add any graphic to the template, you can click and drag the blue circles around it to resize and rotate it, as well as use the Graphic Properties toolbar to change the color, blend mode, and more. 

add graphics to photos in BeFunky

Once you’re happy with your DIY birthday card, it’s time to save your design so you can print it out and surprise your lucky someone! Click on Save at the top of your screen to save your work to your Computer, share it on social media, and more.

diy birthday card templates in BeFunky

If you want to come back to your project at a later date (i.e. to fix a pesky typo or re-use your design), then we also recommend the Save as Project option. This lets you save it as an editable BeFunky Project file to your BeFunky account or Computer.

Final Results

Ta-da! Who wouldn’t love and appreciate a DIY birthday card that has been designed just for them? We think it's the perfect way to make your friends and loved ones feel special.

birthday card maker by befunky

Ready to make your own personalized cards? Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, thank you card, or just a little note to say you care, Befunky’s Card Maker has a template for all of the above (and then some!). Click the link below to start your card design! 

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