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How Jason Henley Creates Unique Album Art With BeFunky

By Whitney | Case Studies

It all started with freestyle rapping around the school lunch table. As a sixteen-year-old growing up in Tulsa, Jason Henley found a passion for writing lyrics and creating music, and soon after launched headfirst into recording the tracks to self-made beats. After releasing a string of free music on Soundcloud with positive reception, Henley went on to drop his first cohesive body of music in 2015, an album called Life Changing Conversations. He started performing live at coffee shops and house parties, learning the ropes of being in front of a crowd. After releasing a follow-up record last year called The Artful Dodger, Henley is currently working on a brand new album to be released this year, a project called Highly Favored.

“I’ve faced a lot of challenges in my life, and I've always been a hard worker. I believe in God. I believe that I have guardian angels. I believe in Universal Energy and the power of change. This project is a central theme that I am favored, somebody up there has my back, you know? Like despite the challenges,  it's all good.”
DIY album art with BeFunky

When Henley was working to release his first album in 2015, he realized that he needed help creating album artwork and graphics that could help express his music at the visual level. After searching the web for an easy-to-use online program, he stumbled upon BeFunky Photo Editor. It’s been his go-to for every single album and piece of promotional material since.

“We shot the cover for Life Changing Conversations and I wanted to find an affordable editing program because I didn’t have the money for Photoshop or hiring a graphic designer. The name BeFunky caught my eye at first so I clicked, and I found it to be really easy to use. I edited the back cover of Life Changing Conversations and used BeFunky’s fonts to make the track list and title. I love how simple it is to edit.”
how to make album artwork with BeFunky

Jason Henley continues to perform his music for live audiences in the US with dreams of someday selling out Madison Square Garden. Each show and album is one step closer. For promoting the shows that he books, Henley adds text to photos with BeFunky’s Photo Editor for creating flyers and promotional materials.

“The fonts are awesome and so easy to add to my photos. I also really like the editing tools available for cropping photos, playing with fill light, adding color, and unique filters. The photo effects help me make artwork for flyers that really stand out.”
diy concert flyers with BeFunky

Jason Henley’s music is all about his life. The trials and errors, the successes, the goodness that watches over him. It’s about being human and embracing humanity as equals. After listening to his SoundCloud, we are certainly hooked and can’t wait for the release of Highly Favored this year. His advice to other musicians out there wanting to share their artistry with the world?

“Don't be afraid to try new things and learn. It's all about growth. Making music is human. It's something that takes time. Don't rush into ideas. Strategize. Find yourself. Focus. Practice. It's a rewarding hobby even if you never see a dollar from it. It certainly saved me.”
diy album cover with BeFunky

To stay in the know about Jason Henley’s projects, follow him on SoundCloud or keep up with the latest news on Twitter. If you want to start creating professional-quality promotional materials, album artwork, or edit photos in any way, we’ve got all the tools and effects you need. Click the link below and create something wonderful!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified