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14 Reasons Why Being Different Is Awesome

By Patricia McNamara | Inspiration

It’s my favorite time of year. OK, maybe after Christmas. But March is Women's History Month. And, not to mention, we just celebrated International Women’s Day, which means more reason to honor how amazing all women are.

all women will start to understand the beauty of embracing the way they are.

For all of those who are as exhausted with the self-shaming as I am, here’s a list of reasons why there’s nothing better than standing out from the crowd. Learn it, live it, then share it with your girlfriends so that, hopefully, all women will start to understand the beauty of embracing the way they are. Together, let’s continue this year's IWD theme and #MakeItHappen.

Not like we really needed an excuse, but it’s a great opp to think about the unique qualities that make every individual so fab—beginning with yourself!

1. It Spices Things Up.


No one can argue that varying opinions and beliefs add colorful passion to conversations.

2. It Gets You Noticed.


Let's be honest, you can't stand out when you look like everyone else.

3. You Show Others Your Courage.


Suck it, norm. Marching to the beat of your own drum might be harder than conforming to others, but it sure shows who’s boss.

4. It Emphasizes Your Story.


Our bodies look different for many reasons: lifestyle, location, genetics. But they all add up to the full picture of who you are.

5. It Highlights Your Authenticity.


Same goes for your face. Those freckles, birthmarks, worry lines are memorable identifiers. So quit hiding behind the concealer and post some #selfies already!

6. There’s No Label for You to Fall Under.


More reason to make your style, personality and straight up shining identity known.

7. It’s a Conversation Starter.


Chalk it up to human curiosity. People are intrigued by things they don’t normally see.

8. You’re Sharing Your Creativity.


And creativity can fuel happiness!

9. Because Even the Greats Would Be Jealous.


Oh, if only they could see you now.

10. It Breaks Stereotypes.


Mo’ne Davis did it with baseball. Danica Patrick with NASCAR. Yes, women can do it, too.

11. You Open Others’ Minds.


Exposing people to things outside of their everyday lives can give them new perspective.

12. It Makes You Attractive.


Hey, the heart wants what it wants.

13. Because How Else Would People Know that You Entered a Room...


…or your Google Now. Deep, raspy, high-pitched, you’re only given one voice, so use it.

14. Because Our Future Depends on It.


Think innovators like Mary Anderson (windshield wipers), Bette Nesmith Graham (liquid paper) or Mary A. Delaney (retractable dog leash) were just plain Janes? Your thoughts might lead to the next great invention.

How about you? What makes you different, and what do you like about it?

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