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Common Beauty Mistakes And How To Fix Them

By Amy Rigsby | Inspiration

Have you ever finished a long selfie session only to look back at your camera roll and see that the flash has washed you out completely? How about your lipstick shade not quite coming off on camera the way you remembered it? Have some flyways distracting you every time you see your new profile picture? These are common beauty mishaps that happen to all of us. Thankfully we have the BeFunky Photo Editor to the rescue!

Background Ruining Your Shot?

Is that messy background distracting you every time you check out your latest profile picture? Try using the blur tool in the BeFunky photo editor to make sure you are the center of attention. It's easy to control the strength of the blur and exactly where you want to apply it. For this quick fix, I like to switch over to the paint tool and increase the blur's strength to 100%. This allows you to completely blur out any unwanted background.


Need To Brighten Up Your Smile?

A dull looking smile can sometimes ruin the most perfect photo. Bring yours to its ultimate potential with the easy to use teeth whitening tool! You can control the size and intensity of the brightening effect so your look is completely natural. Be sure to adjust the size of the tool to fit your teeth, so you can whiten them perfectly.


Washed Out Complexion?

We have all had the problem of the pesky flash not showing our true makeup skills in a selfie. The bright flash tends to wash out your complexion and remove any color and dimension. Thankfully, BeFunky's photo editor has a simple blush and bronzer tool perfect for these moments! You can choose from multiple colors palettes to get that perfect shade to compliment your skin tone. This adds color and dimension back into your face to get the best look! I like to choose the bronzer shade that I like best with my skin tone, apply on the hollows of my cheeks, and decrease the strength so it blends perfectly!



Lipstick Shade Not Quite Right?

Is that new lip shade totally clashing with your makeup look? Use the lipstick tool to customize that perfect pop of color. There are many color palettes to choose from, so you'll find the perfect shade that compliments the undertones of your skin! You can choose whatever shade you feel looks best, decrease the strength to make it blend well, and slowly apply the tool to your lips. The end result is a gorgeous wash of color!


Don't let these common beauty mishaps stop you from posting that fierce selfie! Try out the Photo Editor for yourself today!


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