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Celebrate Awkward Dad Pics This Father’s Day

By Rob LeRoy | Inspiration

I'm a dad. I'm pretty cool. I don't think I have ever embarrassed my daughter, ever. Not once. I'm sure she'd back me up on that. She totally loves it when I post pictures on Facebook of myself dressed for 80's dance parties wearing jean shorts, a NASCAR tank top and a mullet wig. She also especially loves it when I post pics of the two of us together.

She's one of the lucky ones, though. Some dads are seriously awkward. Some dads walk around naked at home, or wear yellow V-neck knit sweaters without an undershirt, or insist on wearing Mickey Mouse ears in public while you're on family vacation. And the worst part is that they have no problem preserving these moments (except maybe the naked part, hopefully) in pictures. But the thing is, dads just don't care. All they care about is that you know that they love you, and that you love them back. And secretly, they are probably just doing all that stuff because it embarrasses you. So why not make the best of it? This Father's Day, take some of those awkward childhood memory lemons and turn them into hilarious adult lemonade with the BeFunky photo editing suite.

OK. So imagine that this guy is your dad. That can't be easy.

Face, Person, Human, Teen, Female, Smile
Hard to tell what he was thinking, here. Maybe your mom left you both because he talked so much, and he was trying to show her that he had learned his lesson. Or maybe he just looked forward to having to pay for your therapy sessions, later in life.

But hey, guess what! The BeFunky online photo editor can help. Try one of these special Father's Day graphics to spruce it up. Just a few clicks, a tear or two, and voila!

Awkward Dad BeFunky 1
With a little cropping, a special Father's Day graphic, some Lomo 3 effect, drop shadow frame and Bradley Hand font text, it's like a whole other picture.

Or how about this guy. Seems like maybe he could have opted for a more appropriate outfit, doesn't it?

Face, Person, Human, Beard
Maybe not the best role model for fire safety. Or acceptable dad fashion.

But then, with just a couple of clicks through the ol' BeFunky online photo editor, bing bang boom, and POOF! It's a classy, old-timey portrait of a young girl and her loving, not-at-all creepy/dangerous/embarrassing father.

I think its the tie that really lends this shot a real element of class.
I think it's the tie that really lends this shot a real element of class.

So go on. Dig up some long-lost pics of Dear Old Dad and surprise him with something special this Father's Day with the BeFunky photo editing suite. And, if he's on Facebook, be sure to post it and tag him in it, so all of his friends can make fun of him, too.

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