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BeFunky Over the Clouds

By Derric | What’s New

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Hey Everybody!
It's me Tolga Birdal. 5:00 am in the morning, and I am silently deciding to write my first blog entry... Who am I? Then check BeFunky About Us Page. I was looking forward to introduce myself a while ago, but had to wait for BeFunky systems to settle down, and decide on what I should write about.

Considering the changes in BeFunky technology now it's a good time to write, because there are so many news, even I can't remember what we have accomplished.

During recent months we, as BeFunky geeks, we were working on a new server side architecture that would provide a more stable, faster user experience to you guys. We have discussed many alternatives which were capable of serving hundreds of web requests in a second and simply decided to fly over the clouds. And what the hack is that?

Cloud computing is getting pretty popular these days for its dead-simple manageability and relatively lower cost. However it's pretty hard to "compute" something in a computer which is not yours (they call the cloud computing units as virtual layers, and something virtual is simply something you only can imagine that you have), especially if image processing and complicated vision algorithms are the case. To put in simple words, a "real" server would do computation faster than a virtual one, both in theory and in practice. That's why please allow me to say that flying over the clouds isn't as simple as buying a plane ticket.

BeFunky team implemented a novel, more efficient core library than before, and adapted a new server side architecture that could communicate super fast internally. At the end we came up with a system that could access more memory and utilize the CPU better. This new power now enables us to perform our complicated algorithms even on slower computers. And now we could fly over the clouds... The guys here are pretty excited to share this hilarious experience with you on BeFunky.

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