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7 Totally Romantic Fall Date Ideas

By Whitney | Inspiration

As the weather gets colder and these days get shorter, it’s real easy to prefer spending date night curled up in front of Netflix with a good cup of cocoa. Still, there is so much to see and do with your bae on these crisp Autumn days. Not only is this season picturesque (ahem, romantic!) but it opens a whole world of fun date ideas that are totally unique to Fall. Here’s seven of my personal favorites, all perfect excuses to get out of the house and enjoy the one you love. As you get out there and try them, be sure to have the BeFunky Mobile App on hand to capture all the love!

1. Bookstore Hangs

I could spend hours in a bookstore. It’s the perfect place to wander the aisles with your beau and point out all the good reads. Or steal a kiss.  


2. Bundle Up For A Hike

Even though you might have to wear a few extra layers, a good hike can bless you with some stunning views and memorable photo ops.


3. Apple Orchard

Fall means apple season, and it’s a great excuse to take a little road trip to your local orchard. My beau and I love this one, and we love baking a good spice cake with the fresh fruits afterwards.


4. The Orchestra

Don’t like classical music? Doesn’t matter. The orchestra is a great excuse to dress up a little and go to a romantic venue for a totally different kind of show. This year our city's orchestra is covering the movie score for Home Alone and playing it live as they show the movie. Talk about awesome. 


5. The Ballet

Similar to the orchestra in ambience, meaning you get an excuse to get all fancy, but with the ballet you’re gonna see some insanely talented dancing and acting. If you’ve never been, trust me, it’s beautiful.


6. Go By Train

Take a ride on your local train! You’ll get some epic views that you wouldn’t have seen in just any old vehicle, and most trains offer food and drinks for the ride.


7. Cook For Two

Get on Pinterest and find a fun recipe for you and your bae to try. Put on a good record and cook a nice meal together, then eat it by candlelight. Love this one.


Be sure and capture all the magic that happens on these picturesque Fall days. You know what they say, if you didn't take a photo of it, it didn't happen. Get the BeFunky Mobile App and snap away!

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