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5 Awesome Father’s Day Activities

By Karmen Fox | Inspiration

Sure, you could go the traditional tie or "World's Best Dad" shirt for Father’s Day. But if your goal is to bore your dad to sleep, you might as well give him a hammock while you’re at it. (That actually sounds like an amazing gift. Do that next year!)

What you really need are some activities to spice your day up. I’ve rounded up the best times that I’ve had with my dad on Father’s Day over the years below, so if you plan out these activities with your dad you just might get that coveted "World's Best Kid" mug after all.

Photo credit: krizz_73

1. Go to an Arcade

So you and Pops could (and probably already do) spend hours glued in front of the TV playing Call of Duty. Take things to the next level and try taking your dad to an arcade for some friendly competition IRL instead. Whoever wins the most tickets gets treated to pizza or ice cream (or both).

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2. Take a Hike

The great outdoors are calling, and you and your dad should answer. Camping? Fishing? No matter what you pick, it all starts with a hike on the dusty trail. Get up and get going.

Photo credit: dancingaspensfarm

3. Have a Bicycle Race

Your 10-speed has seen better days, and so has your dad’s knees. (Har har, dad jokes!) But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dust off your bike and hit the trails with your dad like the good ol’ days.

Photo credit: nicole_matteo1

4. Take a Dip

There’s no rule saying you can’t have a relaxing Father’s Day activity. Whether it’s in the pool, lake or ocean, dive right in and swim with your pops—the water’s just fine.

Photo credit: karmenfox

5. Run Your Town

My dad and I after finishing the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.

Sign up for a race or take a jog around the block. Even if you’re not a Daddy’s Girl who’s training for a marathon with your old man (*sheepishly raises hand*), everyone’s a runner the second your sneakers hit the asphalt.

What do you and your dad have planned for this Father’s Day?

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