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10 Jaw-Dropping Disney Halloween Costumes

By Whitney | Inspiration

One of the many reasons I love Halloween is getting to wear a costume and play a role for the night. Maybe it’s because I love to perform, or maybe it’s because everyone needs an excuse to dress in a crazy, or scary, or beautiful costume at least once a year. My favorite Halloween costume memory was when I was eight years old. Aladdin was basically the Frozen of my time, and Princess Jasmine was my Anna and Elsa combined. My mom knew how to sew, and she handcrafted a Princess Jasmine costume for me that made me feel as stunning as an eight year old could feel.

For this year’s Halloween costume, I’ve decided to take it back to my Disney-loving roots. After perusing Halloween costumes on Pinterest, I found some amazing Disney-themed inspiration and literally can’t decide which one is my favorite. Here are the top ten, put together with the BeFunky Collage Maker, in no particular order:

1. Alice in Wonderland

This costume will have you following the white rabbit to a land that grows curiouser and curiouser..


Costume inspiration here. Makeup inspiration here.

2. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

She's a doll who is falling apart and she's in love with a skeleton who loves Christmas. What could be better.


Costume and makeup inspiration here.

3. Ariel

Doesn't matter if she's under the sea or on land with her newfound legs.. These Ariel costumes are swoon-worthy.


Human Ariel costume inspo here. Mermaid Ariel costume inspo here.

4. Mary Poppins

This costume will ensure you have a jolly holiday indeed. It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


Mary on the street inspiration here. Mary in the air inspiration here.

5. Captain Jack Sparrow

Because you don't have to be a man to be a pirate lord on Halloween..


Costume and makeup inspiration here.

6. Tinkerbell

Sprinkle a little pixie dust all over Halloween. Who knows, maybe it will make people fly!


Costume and makeup inspiration here.

7. Belle

She's the belle of the ball who loves a good read. In other words, the whole package.


Makeup inspiration here. Costume inspiration here.

8. Pochahontas

Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? Or paint with all the colors of the wind? On Halloween you can.


Costume inspiration here.  Makeup inspiration here.

9. Cruella de Vil

She's a sexy villain who kidnaps puppies. Ok, maybe the last part isn't her best quality, but it's still a cool costume.


Costume inspiration here.

10. Princess Jasmine

Back to my eight year old obsession. It's a whole new world now.


Costume inspiration here.

For more epic Halloween inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest board here. Happy hunting!

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