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Your Dream Wedding Starts With Perfect Invites

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

Creating a beautiful wedding invitation that’s as unique as you and your partner shouldn’t be a stressful or expensive task. With BeFunky’s one-of-a-kind Designer, you can have a customized, beautiful wedding invitation ready to print in just minutes. Here’s a quick crash course to help you design a wedding invitation that even your guests will fall in love with.

Let Our Pre-Made Templates Guide You

With a wide range of pre-made templates available, you’ll find the process of designing a wedding invitation to be a breeze. To get started, enter the Designer and choose Event Graphics, then click on Invitations. Simply select a pre-designed template that takes your fancy and let the customization process begin! Step up to BeFunky Plus and you'll have even more options to choose from!

diy wedding invitation template
Pro Tip:

Before starting your design, brainstorm with your partner what style you both want your wedding invitation to be. Think about color schemes, font styles, etc.

Or, Create One From Scratch

You also have the option of starting your invitation as a blank canvas, so you can create your wedding invitation completely from scratch! To begin, scroll down to Blank Templates in the Templates menu. Choose Event Graphics and select your desired size and orientation.

wedding invitation template befunky

[su_befunky_protip protiptitle="Quick Tip"]You’ll also need to decide whether you want your invitation to be in portrait or landscape orientation. First, do a quick sketch on paper of your design ideas to help you decide.[/su_befunky_protip]

Bold, Beautiful Backgrounds

The background of your wedding invitation will make up the largest (and perhaps most eye-catching) design element, so it’s important to get it just right. To upload an image as your invitation background, click on Image Manager from the toolbar. You then have the options of uploading an image from your computer, BeFunky, Pixabay, or Facebook.

diy wedding invitations befunky
Pro Tip:

You can even use an eye-catching pattern as the background of your invitation by uploading it as an image.

Complimentary Colors

If you’re after a wedding invitation with a single-colored background, then this is also very easy to achieve in the Designer. Simply select Background from the toolbar and click on your desired color preset. If you’d prefer a shade that isn’t available as a preset, you can also select one from the Color Picker by clicking on the square to the right of where it says Current Color. Too easy!

wedding invitations diy
Pro Tip:

You can also use the Color Picker's Eye Dropper Tool to click anywhere on your screen and match the color.

Terrific Typography

If you’re using a pre-made template and you already like the look and feel of the text provided, you’ll only need to double click on the text to edit what it says. This is where you can add your own personalized wedding details. If you began your invitation as a blank template, you can insert text by clicking on the Text option in the toolbar. Double-click the text and begin typing what you want it to say. A Text Properties toolbar will also appear and this allows you to change the font family, size, spacing, paragraph layout, color, opacity and blend mode.

do it yourself wedding invitations
Pro Tip:

Experiment with your text by mixing and matching fonts. For example, Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman look great when paired with more cursive fonts.

The Finishing Touches

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we have one more menu to introduce to you: Design Elements. These are the finishing touches for your wedding invitation. Think cute clip art, decorative flourishes, snazzy shapes, and just about everything else you might imagine.

diy wedding invitations
Pro Tip:

To change the color of your design element, click on it and a Graphic Properties toolbar appears. Click the square next to Color Overlay and choose your desired color from the Color Picker. You can also control the intensity of the color using the slider underneath the Color Picker box.

Final Results

printable wedding invitations

Unleash your creativity and make your own wedding invitation masterpiece! But don' stop there. You can also use BeFunky's Designer to create all your wedding day printables!

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