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We Just Made Photo Editing Easier!

By Derric | Effects Showcase What’s New

We took our already amazing web editor and made it even better! We combined edits to make them easier and faster to apply, we rearranged some of the features into a more logical arrangement, and we've added some really cool new effects!

Here, let me help you find that...


We noticed that when you're editing your photos, you have to open and apply several different edits to get your desired effect. We've streamlined that process and combined some of the edits to simplify your experience and make editing your photos much faster! We put the essential edits under the Essential section. Makes sense, right?! We didn't make any changes to crop, resize, rotate, or beautify. We revamped the Exposure function, giving you the brightness, contrast, highlights/shadows, and fill light in one place.


Under Colors, you'll see we combined vibrance with hue, saturation, and temperature. You'll also notice that Enhnance Detail is missing... but it's not, we renamed it to Sharpen and gave you two options basic and smart, the latter giving you the same effect as Enhance Detail.

We made some minor changes under Touch Up most noticeably, we replaced Blur with Smooth to give your photos that beautiful Orton effect.

**UPDATE** You asked, we listened! Blur is back and we even added another section called 'Color Mixer'**

The rest of the features in this section have remained the same. Nothing has changed with the effects in Edges and Color Filters other than some organization.

Smooth - Before
Smooth - After

Nothing has changed under the Effects, Artsy, or Frames sections (other than giving you larger icons!). You will notice that we added a bunch of new fonts under the Text section, you get all the fonts available in the mobile app and then some (a lot more, actually!!).

Under Goodies you'll notice that we've added some and removed some, we update this section seasonally and around holidays so if you don't see what you're looking for it was most likely a seasonal feature.


And lastly, we added a whole new section!! Textures is where you'll find those bokeh effects, light leaks, bricks, fabric, and a bunch of other really cool textures you can use to make your photos unique and fun!!

We are always trying to make your photo editing experience easier, faster, and most importantly more Fun (it is our middle name after all, Be-FUN-ky). If you're having trouble finding your favorite effects and features just ask, I'm more than happy to help you get acclimated to this update :)

Stay Funky!!!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified