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The Art Of The Selfie

By Derric | Inspiration

1. The Look Away

"I like to think about stuff and things"

2. The MySpace

"This is how cute I'll look when you're on a ladder"

3. The Picture In Picture (PIP for short)

"Can't you can tell I'm a photographer? I mean, just look at my camera."

4. The Cat And Me

"Hey don't look at me, look at the cat. But really just look at me."

5. The Sultry Look

"I'm having an amazing hair day"

6. The Extreme Close Up

"look into my eyes"

7. The Duckface

"I'm a duck"


8. The Crazy Hair

"I'm as crazy as my hair"

9. The Silly Face

"I'm silly and fun"


10. The Lip Touch

"I'm thinking about kissing you"

Bonus: The Catface

"Look at me. I'm a cat. I rule the internet"

Photo Editing. Simplified