BeFunky Lomo Effect #4

What was Soviet Russia like in 1984 during the Cold War? If you had a LOMO LC-A camera, the answer is probably "visually stunning" or "artistic". The Russian-produced camera outputted photographs with unique blurriness, oversaturated colors and odd exposure.

You would think that a camera that produced "blurry" photos would find itself in a landfill after the introduction of higher-tech cameras that produced better quality images. You'd be right if it wasn't for a group of kids from Vienna.

In 1991, a group of students visiting Prague rediscovered the camera and wandered around the city shooting everything in their sights. And with that the Lomography movement was born.

Today, Lomography is a popular style of art, a favorite among people who grow bored with the perfect photos created by digital SLRs and advanced cameras.

Choosing the right photo for Lomography

Lomo art is all about being lighthearted and having fun. Serious images are best left on your hard drive. You'll want to upload snapshots of you and your friends having fun. We recommend playing with angles just like the students visiting Prague did. Shoot from under your legs, over your shoulders and everywhere in between.

Creating your Lomo effect

Once you've selected your photo, upload it to BeFunky using the Upload button that you'll find at the top right of the Create section. If you haven't yet decided on a photo, you can choose one of the BeFunky sample images to see exactly what you can do with the Lomo effect.

After you've decided on a photo, it will show up in the center of the screen.
To activate the Lomo Art effect, click Lomo Art dropdown button that's located on the left sidebar under Photo Effects. BeFunky has five separate Lomo Art presets. Each one features different colors and different motion lengths. You can play with the motion blurriness, border thickness and border color of the Lomo effect presets.

Lomo Effect Screenshot

To make your artwork more unique, navigate to the Adjustments menu from the upper left menu. Hue, Saturation, Color Filter and Temperature settings will all let you modify colors. You can use different combinations of them to get a unique result to your liking. We've increased the Temperature level in the below example to give the resulting image a warmer look and feel. Also you can see our Compare Tool in action below.

Lomo Effect Screenshot /w Compare Tool

To activate the compare view, hit the Compare button that's found on the vertical toolbar under the Upload tab. You'll immediately see a real-time comparison of the before and after Lomo effect.

Like what you've done? Save your photo to your desktop and share it with other Lomography fans or anyone else who loves the Lomo effect as much as you do.

Go From Photo to Art in One Click

Photo Editing. Simplified