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How Kristen Baumlier Helps The Community Get Funky With Food

By Whitney | Case Studies

Kristen Baumlier is an interdisciplinary artist who has used interactive media, photography, performance, and video as her mediums. She finds her inspiration in creating art that asks questions about contemporary issues and developing a new kind of experience for her audience, inviting them to be a part of the work. Her current project, Food Font, is a collaborative piece where people can make alphabets out of food by taking pictures of each letter.

“The goal of Food Font is to engage communities and build awareness about food, health, and sustainability. The project supports the efforts and promotion of the local food movement and also education about food and health.  I want the project to create dialogue in these areas in both real and online communities.”

For creating these tasty fonts, Baumlier pieces fonts together using the BeFunky Collage Maker. It's the tool she recommends for those who want to participate in creating food alphabets: 

I was looking for the best online collage tools to work with the food alphabet files. BeFunky was one that I tested and worked really well with the images. It is so easy to import, resize, and move the images onto blank canvases. I thought it was easy enough for most people to use, and easy to get started – so it quickly became one of the top tools that I recommend."

To spread the word about Food Font, Baumlier creates social media images and posters using the Designer. She recommends the entire BeFunky Creative Platform to her audience because of how quick and intuitive the tools are.

"The BeFunky Designer makes it so easy to create, share, and print images made with Food Font alphabets. I can get layouts for social media done faster with BeFunky, which allows me to focus on being creative and make images quicker."

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