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Create The Perfect Graduation Party Invitations

By Kassy Zimmerman | Designer Tutorials

Congratulations all 2019 graduates! Your time officially has come. Whether you’re completing your first high school degree, your undergraduate studies, or becoming a master in your profession, there is no doubt that you have worked tremendously hard. Hours upon hours of studying, sleepless nights, and prioritization and personal sacrifices have all led you to the moment you will get to walk across that stage and toss your cap.

graduation party ideas 2019

All of that hard work deserves celebrating with your closest friends and family. Whether you’re throwing your own graduation party or planning one for someone you love, BeFunky’s Graphic Designer is here to help you create a personalized invitation to spread the word. With a multitude of templates to choose from and endless ways to customize them, you’ll be able to design a creative graduation invitation with ease!

How To Design A Graduation Invitation

To get started with your graduation invitation design, head to BeFunky’s Designer. Open the Templates tab from the sidebar on the left and click on Invitations in the Event Graphics category. You’ll find tons of invitation templates to choose from, and when you find the layout that will work perfectly for your graduation invitation, click on Select Template to load it onto the canvas.

invitation design templates in BeFunky

If you’d like to add a photo of the graduate, it’s easy to do no matter what template you’ve chosen. Simply open the Image Manager tab (the top icon) in the main menu on the left, then use the Computer button to upload your favorite images. If your design template already includes an image, you can drag the thumbnail of the upload from the Image Manager and hover it over the existing image until it turns opaque, then drop the thumbnail to replace it. If your template doesn’t include an existing image, but you’d like to add one anyways, just drag and drop the thumbnail onto the template as a layer, then use the blue circles around it to resize and rotate it to your liking.

Party invitation templates in BeFunky Graphic Designer

Once the image is on your template, there are several ways you can customize it. Simply click on the image in your template and an Image Properties menu will appear to help you change the Color Overlay, Size, Opacity, and more! If you’re looking to get even more creative with your photo, click Open Image in Editor. Your image will instantly transfer into BeFunky’s Photo Editor, where you can access all of the editing tools, effects, and filters you could ever need to make it stand out. Then, just click Back to Designer in the top left corner to head back to your invitation with your newly edited photo.

how to add an image to invitation template in BeFunky

Pro Tip:

Take a few photos in your cap and gown before graduation to use for your invitations.

Next, it’s time to customize the text on the invitation. To do so, click on any textbox in your invitation template to type something new. You can easily delete the textboxes you don’t need by selecting them and pressing the Delete button on your keyboard, and rearrange the textboxes you’d like to keep by dragging them around your template and using the blue circles around the textboxes to resize and rotate them.

graduation party invitations by BeFunky

You’ll notice that any time a textbox is selected, a Text Properties toolbar will appear to help you change the Font, Letter Spacing, Colors, and so much more! Be sure to play around with the different customization options until you find a look you love.

how to add text to invitations in BeFunky

And speaking of colors, if you’d like to change the color scheme of your invitation, that’s easy to do as well. This can provide a great way to tie in your school colors! First, click on the Customize tab in the main menu on the left. Clicking on the first color tile will bring up a Color Palette for you to choose any hue you’d like for the background of your invitation. Just adjust the rainbow slider up or down to find the right color family, then slide the circle around the palette to find the perfect hue.  

graduation invitations by BeFunky

On this specific template, there is a square graphic behind all of the text that can easily be adjusted as well. Simply click on the background graphic and use the Graphic Properties toolbar that appears to change the Color Overlay to your liking.

diy graduation party invitations

When your graduation invitation is looking perfect, click the Save button at the top of the Designer to save your work. You can use the save dropdown menu to save to your Computer, and even share it right to social media if this party is open invite.

how to make graduation party invitations online

We also recommend choosing the Save As Project option to save your work in editable format, just in case you need to change any details down the road.

Printing and Sending Your Invitations

To get your graduation invitations into the hands of your friends and family, you need to pick a good print medium. You can easily print these invites at home using cardstock, just make sure to stock up on colored ink. Printing on cardstock gives the invitations a sturdy, professional look and feel. Simply save your design as a .png to your computer (this will ensure your design remains in top quality and is not compressed for printing), re-open the saved version from your files, and then open your print screen just like you normally would.

If you’re looking for an easier, faster, environmentally friendly way to deliver your invitations, consider sending them via text or email! Save them to your computer as .jpg (ideal for digital purposes since it creates a smaller file), then send the design out via text or social media.

how to make graduation party invitations

You have done all the hard work, from getting good grades to designing the perfect invitation. Now it’s time to sit back and relax, celebrate with your loved ones, and soak in every moment! And when you’re feeling creative and ambitious again, swing back over to design a Thank You card in BeFunky’s Designer to send gratitude to those who came to celebrate you.

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