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8 Fascinating People I Met Through My Lens

By Lisa Shalom | Inspiration

Anyone can look at a photo and appreciate it for it's creativity and charm.  However, have you ever wondered what the story was behind that photo?  Who is that person and how did they end up in an intriguing photo?

Here are eight fascinating people I took photos of last year and the stories behind the captures:


1.  "Rainbow Face"

Every summer, major cities all over the world celebrate gay pride in a variety of ways.  In Rome, Italy, face and body painting is very common.  This girl, photographed during the pride march, went the extra mile by painting an entire rainbow across her face.


2.  "Chinese New Year"

Cities with a large populations of people of Chinese descent hold annual "Chinese New Year" parades, including Rome, Italy, where this photo was taken.  Festival participants dress in traditional Chinese costume and march along the streets carrying dragons and playing music during an especially frigged January.


3. "Glen at Work"

Located in the deep south of Tel Aviv, Israel, is a metal shop where metal castings are made for machine parts.  Working in such dangerous conditions requires a great deal of skill and concentration.  Temperatures soar inside, where air conditioning is not allowed as it affects the delicate cooling process.


4.  "Yolanda in the Kitchen"

Catania, Sicily, is home to many very famous artists.  Here, Yolanda cooks for her artist husband and their guests in one of two kitchens.  Each room in the apartment was decorated by a different local artist, bringing passion and creativity into each room.


5. "Giuseppe Perugini Bathroom"

Deep in the heart of Fregene, Italy, is a very modern home built by architect Giuseppe Perugini.  Since his death, the home is abandoned.  This is a photo of what was his master bathroom.  Trespassing is unfortunately required.  However, if you're brave enough to climb through a broken window, you'll get some good shots inside this home.


6.  "Seeking Shelter"

The "Holi Festival of Colours" is a Hindu celebration of love which is now popular amongst non-Hindus worldwide.  Festival attendees celebrate by dousing each other with bright powder in various colors.  Even a violent thunderstorm didn't stop the love at this Holi festival in Rome, Italy.

lshalom8 [1600x1200]

7.  "A Night at the Vatican"

During the day Saint Peter's Square in Rome, Italy, is packed full of anxious tourists eager to get a glimpse of history.  At night, the streets are empty, but the magic doesn't fade.  Here a woman stands in the middle of the street facing the cathedral.  Tripod and bravery were essentials in capturing this difficult shot.  It is rumored that the Pope himself sneaks out at night to feed the homeless lingering nearby.

lshalom4 [1600x1200]

8.  "Marino Royalty"

Every year the town of Marino, Italy, throws a festival of wine.  Wine pours from the fountains during this traditional event.  In addition, a parade of town royalty marches through the streets.  I had to flash my press pass to get passed the security blockade in order to capture this amazing shot of the King and Queen.

I really look forward to adventuring out with my camera a lot this year and capturing more exciting moments and fascinating faces.  I also encourage you to do the same.  Every time you look up to take a beautiful shot of a tall building, be sure to look down and capture the phenomenal people around you, as well.

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