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Create A Meaningful Mother’s Day Card

By Whitney DePaoli | Designer Tutorials

Nothing says “I love you” like a thoughtful, handmade card. Sure, manufactured greeting cards might give your mom a laugh this Mother’s Day, but why give her something that’s a replica of what some other mom has? She’s one in a million, and deserves a Mother’s Day card that’s straight from the heart. Oh, and maybe some breakfast in bed too.

thoughtful mothers day ideas

Even if you don’t know where to start when it comes to handmade and don’t have an eye for greeting card design, the Mother’s Day card templates in BeFunky’s Graphic Designer have you covered! They’re the perfect starting point for your greeting card design, and can be customized to make it look like you spent ages (only it’ll really only take you a few minutes). We’ll show you how to make your mom feel extra-special this year!

Mother’s Day Card Inspiration

Whether you want to showcase your favorite photos of you and your mom or you’d like a pretty graphic-driven design, BeFunky’s Designer has all the Mother’s Day Card templates you need. The best part is, each template is pre-designed for you to use as a guide, yet fully customizable. That means you can easily inject your own personality and thought into this year’s Mother’s Day Card in just a few clicks! Here are some of our favorite templates:

Mother’s Day Card Collages

If you’ve got several sweet photos to showcase, a collage-style template is for you! Just drag-and-drop to swap out those images and make something special.  

mothers day card templates

Photo-Driven Mother’s Day Cards

Is there one special photo you just love? A photo-driven card template is just what you need. Just drag-and-drop your favorite photo in, customize the text with a meaningful message that’s straight from the heart, and you’re golden.

diy mothers day card templates

Graphic-Driven Mother’s Day Cards

Whether your mom’s an artist or appreciates design, the graphic-driven templates in our Mother’s Day card library is going to be perfect. You can use the background graphics we’ve provided, or switch it up by changing it out with something you love even more. Perhaps some hand-drawn art? Whatever will make her the most happy.

customizable mothers day card templates

Floral Mother’s Day Cards

If there’s one thing we know about most moms, it’s that they love florals. If that’s the case with your mom, a flowery Mother’s Day card is going to make her swoon.

mothers day card templates online

Whatever style you think your mom will love the most, we’ve got it all. The best part is, you can either use the designs we’ve created and only swap out a few things, or get crazy with your customization. We’ve got all the tools, graphics, fonts, and layouts you need for Mother’s Day card perfection.

How To Create The Perfect Mother’s Day Card

To get started with your Mother’s Day Card design, head to BeFunky’s Designer and open the Templates tab from the main menu on the left. Scroll down to the Greeting Cards category and select Mother’s Day. You can click on each template for a preview, and when you find the perfect one, choose Select Template.

mothers day card templates in BeFunky

First, let’s change out the existing images with your favorite photos of mom. The Mother’s Day Card template we’ve gone with for this tutorial is a collage-style card, so we’ll be filling it with multiple images. To change out the image, you can either click on the existing photo and select Replace Image from the Image Properties menu that appears, or open the Image Manager tab in the menu on the left to upload multiple photos at once. Simply drag and drop your image files into the image manager to upload them or select your files from the Computer button. They’ll appear as thumbnails once uploaded, and you can drag-and-drop them to replace the existing images from there.

how to customize mothers day card templates in BeFunky

Any graphic element on your template can be customized to your liking. For instance, when you click on the rectangular graphic in the middle of this template, a Graphic Properties toolbar appears for you to edit the color, blend mode, and more. To change the color, click on the box next to Color Overlay and choose a new hue by dragging the circle around the Color Overlay menu. You can also use the Eyedropper tool to select any color from your template.

design your own mothers day card

Clicking on the Design Elements tab (the heart icon) in the menu on the left will allow you to search hundreds of vector graphics, icons, and Mother’s Day messages to add to your card.

diy mothers day cards

After selecting it, click the Search Graphics button and type in your search terms. We searched “Mothers Day” to find pre-designed messages for adding to our card template. Just click on any graphics you like, and after closing the Graphic Library, you’ll find your chosen graphics under the My Graphics section.  

mothers day graphics in BeFunky

You can add the graphics you’ve selected by double clicking them, then use the blue circles around the graphic to resize it. Drag it anywhere you’d like on the template, then use the Graphic Properties toolbar to customize it.

mothers day card designs

To add text to your Mother’s Day card, click on the Text tab (the A icon) in the menu on the left and click the Add Text button. Type anything you’d like into the textbox that appears. Any time your textbox is selected, you can use the Text Properties toolbar to customize the font, letter spacing, colors, and more!

how to create mothers day cards online

With your Mother’s Day card looking perfect, all that’s left to do is save it. Click the Save button at the top of the Designer to save your Mother’s Day card to your computer.

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If you’ve run out of time and need to come back to your project at a later date, the Save As Project option in the Save menu is a great way to do so. This way, you can save your Mother’s Day Card in editable format. Either choose to save your project to your Computer as a .BFD file, or save it to BeFunky. When you’re ready to re-open it, choose the .BFD file from the Open menu, or choose BeFunky to find it stored in the Project Manager.

Mother’s Day Made Even More Meaningful

Instead of browsing your local greeting card aisle this Mother’s Day, make your mom something way more thoughtful in just a few clicks with these beautiful card templates. We promise, she’s going to love it!

mothers day cards in BeFunky

Ready to start designing your own custom Mother’s Day Card? Click the link below to start customizing those templates!

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