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Stella Kuru / Manager of byrneholics.com

By Derric | Case Studies

Stella Kuru is a librarian at a research university in Houston, Texas, USA. She administers a website devoted to the actor, writer, and activist Gabriel Byrne in her spare time. We were totally amazed when we saw her creation below, a portrait of Gabriel Byrne with our oil painting effect.

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- He is a multi-faceted artist and it is great fun to share news and information about him with his fans throughout the world. A big part of the site is the Gallery, which now has almost 2,000 images of his shining face.

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- He does not require photographic enhancement, of course, but I became interested in presenting him in more artistic ways and BeFunky turned out to be a wonderful place to experiment with various effects for creating wallpapers and intriguing graphics to liven up the web site.

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- While creating striking images for everyone to enjoy, BeFunky also allows me to express my artistic side. I don’t have to have mad computer skills in photo-editing to make great pictures. I am an amateur when it comes to this stuff and BeFunky makes it very easy to play and experiment, using different effects to generate an array of moods and feelings.

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- I’ve created visual content with BeFunky that I just could not make on my own. Fans and visitors to the website love it!

Visit http://www.byrneholics.com/

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