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7 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Listing Look Even More Appealing

By Sarah Elsie Baker | Inspiration

If you want to rent out your spare room on Airbnb, but haven’t got time to request professional photography, or you live in a remote location, look no further. You can still create fabulous photos of your space with a little help from Befunky’s online Photo Editor and Collage Maker. Here are 7 ways to make your listing more appealing:

1. Clutter

When preparing to take photos of your space, make sure that you tidy up and clean as you would if you are about to receive your first guests. Organise toiletries in the bathroom, put towels out for guests, and make sure the floor is spotlessly clean.

Once you have taken the photos, it is easy to crop out the odd light fitting or door handle that might be in shot using the Photo Editor. Be careful not to over edit, as you don’t want guests’ expectations to be too high or your photos to look unrealistic.


2. Personality

While you don't want any clutter in your shots, you definitely want a little bit of personality, too. Be sure to include any decorations or items of furniture that make your place unique.


3. Lighting

All the professional shots on Airbnb have great natural light. Wait for a sunny day to take your photos, open the curtains, and turn the lights on if you need to. If the photos are still a little dark, brighten them up in the Photo Editor using the Exposure function.


4. Angles

Real estate agents and interior designers will tell you that photographs that show the angles of a space are more appealing because they make it look roomier. Try taking photos from the corner of a room, or standing on a chair.


5. The First Photo

Anyone who uses Airbnb will tell you that the first photo is key and, in my opinion, it should usually be of a beautiful bedroom. There is nothing more disappointing than clicking through three photos of the wonderful local beach to then find, by comparison, a dark and dingy bedroom. Although, if your room is just as beautiful as the view from the balcony, then I’d probably go for a picture of the view.


6. Tell a Story

Include lots of photos, show as much of the space as guests will be able to access, and use these photos to tell a story. Imagine you're guiding them through your home. Make sure to include where they will chill out, any activities they can partake in, and where they will eat. These are the things that most of us like to do on holiday, right?


7. Travel Tips

Include a few photos of the local attractions, but not so many that the slideshow goes on for hours. The Collage Maker is perfect to create a sense of local area without overwhelming your potential guests.

BeFunky Collage

Now you're finally ready to create photographs as gorgeous as these ones of Dar Onsar, Chefchaouen.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified