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Take Your Fashion Style Blog To The Next Level

By Kelsey Wilburn | Inspiration

I've been writing and taking photos for my style blog for three years this May. Between trying to create consistent and original content and posing in front of a camera for hundreds and hundreds of outfit pictures, I've learned a lot about taking your style blog away from a "my mom is my only reader" platform to a place where your voice can actually be heard and you can influence others.

Post Consistently

The first recommendation is to post consistent, on-theme, and relevant content. Bloggers that show up once every month to share a snippet of their day usually have a less engaged readership than the powerhouse bloggers that are posting regular content, sometimes multiple times a day. Think about your own habits - if you love a blog, don't you crave content from them? The same principle applies to any site we frequent from news websites, to Buzzfeed, to our favorite brands - we want to see a constantly rotating and fresh collection of content. If there isn't anything new to read when we log on, we're going to get bored and take our page views elsewhere.

One of the best ways to assure you have enough content to post consistently (that's more than 2x a week) is to create an editorial calendar. I use a planner or Google Calendar, but you can use whatever you like and there are tons of free printables out there on the web. Scheduling themed content for specific days of the week can help when your brain is fried and you have writer's block. Perhaps Thursdays are a perfect day to share your favorite shopping picks for the week and Fridays are a great day to feature remixed or throwback outfits from the past.

Be Creative With Your Photography

Find interesting and beautiful backdrops for your outfit posts. You may have gotten started taking mirror selfies or tripod photos in front of a door, but to take your blog to the next level it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. The best bloggers are constantly changing their outfit photo locations so that the backdrops don't get boring. Your portraits don't necessarily need dramatic canyons, beaches, or cityscapes to compliment them, but if you take your photos outside in front of some greenery or interesting walls, you'll find that your content is immediately more pleasing to the eye.

Be Social

The best bloggers are doing it all - Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Twitter. They're not just posting blog posts, but they're posting a constant stream of shoppable, enviable, and on-brand content. You should always be syndicating your blog content (new post means a photo share on Instagram, a Facebook link, and a tweet) but you should be creating new content in between posts. If you've got beaches on the mind, create an Instagram post that features some of your favorite beach items and encourage your readers to explore them by tagging the brands in the post. I edited this iPhone snapshot of a new one-piece, a favorite Rebecca Minkoff clutch, and my Ray-Bans with the BeFunky app (and the Vintage filter) to share with my readers on Instagram as I've got summer vacation on the brain. Though the content isn't on my blog and wasn't taken with my DSLR, it keeps people engaged and interacting with me on social media in between today and tomorrow's post.

Be Ready To Give Advice

If you're doing your job right, people will come to you for advice on great style, emerging trends, ways to wear an outfit, and news on the best sales both online and in-stores. If you're keeping up with current trends and perusing sales and new arrivals, you can be the first person to let your readers know what is hot, on-sale, or a must-have item. If you establish yourself as an authority on great finds, people will come to your site more frequently. This can also help you avoid having to constantly buy new pieces of clothing to wear to keep relevant and current. I personally remix a lot of older items from my closet that are no longer for sale, but try to find current alternatives that people can still purchase.

Try out apps like Polyvore (make any content transformable into a clickable collage), shopping affiliate link sites like Shopsense (make widgets that are PPC and shoppable), or collage tools like BeFunky to share some of your favorite styles or emerging trends.

My Final Tip?

Be yourself! Readers visit websites that feel authentic and that inspire them! While you're creating your content and completing your editorial calendar, don't forget to remain true to your brand and your style! It'll draw in more people than doing anything else.

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