The Ideal YouTube Thumbnail Maker For Your Video Content

Customizable YouTube Thumbnail Templates that make your videos look professional and on-brand

YouTube Thumbnail Maker by BeFunky

Captivate and Grow Your Audience

YouTube thumbnails give a glimpse into what your brand is all about. If designed well, they can be the reason a viewer decides to check out your page and subscribe to your channel. With BeFunky’s YouTube Thumbnail Maker, you’ll be able to design beautiful video covers that’ll help you boost your brand awareness and break your YouTube video record views – no design experience necessary! Just choose your favorite template, drag-and-drop a photo, and customize the details. Every YouTube thumbnail template in our Graphic Designer is created by a professional, giving you the perfect starting point to design high-quality content without the effort.

YouTube Thumbnail Template by BeFunky

Keep Your Brand Consistent

With the YouTube Thumbnail Maker, you can design a unique aesthetic that can easily be applied across all of your branded YouTube content. Once you find the perfect YouTube Thumbnail template and make it your own, BeFunky lets you save it in editable format to use over and over again! Whenever you need a new video cover, simply reload your customized template, add a new image, and update the title text. This way, you’ll never have to start your thumbnail design from scratch, saving you a tremendous amount of time when it comes to creating a consistent look that your audience will recognize at a glance!

Customizable YouTube Thumbnail Template by BeFunky

Create a Polished, Professional Channel

Your YouTube channel tells a story about your brand. With BeFunky, you can ensure you’re telling one your audience won’t soon forget. No matter what your design skill level, you can create stunning imagery for your entire page, from YouTube Channel Art to YouTube thumbnails, icons, and more! Every one of our social media templates has been perfectly sized and pre-designed to help you make professional visual assets in minutes. With a perfectly cohesive set of YouTube graphics, you’ll be able to create a brand experience that’s polished and turns viewers into subscribers. 

YouTube Thumbnail Creator by BeFunky

How to Create YouTube Thumbnails in 4 Easy Steps

Use BeFunky's YouTube Thumbnail Maker to design the perfect covers for your video content.

choose template

01. Select a Template

Open BeFunky's YouTube Thumbnail Maker and choose your favorite template

add photos

02. Add Images

Drag-and-drop new images to replace any existing images on the template

customize design

03. Customize the Template

Click on any textbox to type a new message, then customize the fonts, color scheme, graphics, and more

save it

04. Save Your Project

Save your YouTube thumbnail design as a JPG or PNG on your Computer, and also As A Project to keep a copy in editable format

YouTube Thumbnail Templates by BeFunky