Unrecognized Charge From BeFunky

Forgotten BeFunky Account

Typically an unrecognized charge will come from an account with an active Plus subscription that you forgot about. If that's the case, you'll want to try to sign in to the account and cancel the active subscription. We recommend checking any alternate email addresses to see if you have multiple accounts with active subscriptions. You can verify if there is a BeFunky account associated with an email address by attempting to reset the password on BeFunky. If there is not an associated account linked to the email address, you will receive an error message confirming this.

Shared Credit Card Info

If you're unable to locate the account with the active subscription and it's possible that someone else in your household had access to your credit card info, you'll want to check with them to see if they mistakenly used your credit card.

Fraudulent Charge

Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. If we determine an unrecognized charge is fraudulent, we will immediately refund and block the payment method that was charged.