Why Was I Charged Multiple Times?

BeFunky allows you to sign up using your email, Google, Facebook, Google Play Store, App Store, and more. Since your Plus subscription is linked to the email used to sign up, it is possible to create multiple accounts if those sign-in options use different email addresses. This could lead to accidentally signing up for multiple subscriptions.

Multiple Subscriptions

If you have already been billed for a Plus subscription you recognize, but see another charge outside your billing date, you may have another active subscription. If this is the case, you'll want to try to sign in to the account and cancel the active subscription. If you are unable to sign in or have forgotten the password, you can reset the password. Enter any alternate email addresses in the forgot password portal to see if you upgraded there. If there is not an associated account linked to the email address, you will receive an error message confirming this.

Multiple Subscriptions Across Platforms

We have great cross-functionality between our desktop app and mobile app, allowing you to sign in across devices using the same email and password. If you create a new account rather than signing into your existing BeFunky Plus account, it's possible to subscribe on the new device and create a new Plus subscription. To verify, you will need to check your subscriptions on the app store used to make the purchase. Apple users have the ability to anonymize email addresses, so you will see the private relay email associated with your account.