BeFunky Photo Booth When the BeFunky team set out to make the best photo booth in the world, they had no clue what they were up against. The dream was to create a photo booth where people could have the time of their life while taking pictures, then pick amazing BeFunky effects to add to them. When no one could help them do it, they threw on their monocles and made it themselves! From scratch. All of it. What was born was quite possible the most awesome thing in the world. Here's how they made it happen:
How The BeFunky Photo Booth Was Born

-Two very talented men by the name of Michael Swallow and Skye Barnett designed the structure of the photo booth, then used their five million tools to build it from the ground up in their art studio in Santa Rosa, California.

-Mark Collins designed all the pretty screens for the application that people use in the photo booth at his office in the UK.

-The BeFunky tech team in Istanbul, Turkey took the design for the application and did all the coding to make it come to life.

-Since we like bajazzle, we had a rockstar graphic designer in San Jose, California put together something fancy to decorate the outside of the photo booth

-After getting shipped off to Atlanta, Georgia, the awesome team at SS Graphics added the artwork to the outside of the booth.

-The crowds at Counterpoint Festival in Atlanta, Georgia christened the photo booth on September 27th, 2012 with tutus, glitter, glow sticks, and their beautiful faces.

Proof Is In The Photos If you take a good look at these photos, you’ll notice they all have something in common... The ear to ear grins on everyone’s face after they’ve experienced the awesomeness that is the BeFunky Photo Booth! Explore More...
Upcoming Events
Wondering where our Photo Booth will be next? Wonder no more!
Counterpoint Music Festival
27-29 September, 2012
Atlanta, GA

Treasure Island Festival
13-14 October, 2012
San Francisco, CA

Get The Photo Booth At Your Event Like what you see and want to see it at your event? We’d be happy to bring our booth (and our infamous chicken hat) to you. The awesome to cost ratio of having the BeFunky photo booth at your event is amazing, because it’s free and super mega awesome! Want to know more? Email to check if we’re available!