The BeFunky Team

There's a reason why fun is BeFunky’s middle name; we believe that you should have as much fun editing your pictures as you do taking them. That’s why our photo editor puts everything you could possibly dream up at your fingertips without any of the hassle. We’re also convinced that there’s no reason to limit a person’s creativity, which is why we leave control completely with you each step of the way. The best part? Wherever your photos are you can find a BeFunky photo editor: it doesn’t matter if you’re on Android or Apple, your tablet, your smartphone, or sitting at home, BeFunky is there for you whenever inspiration strikes.
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Azer Bulbul

Director of Engineering / Architect

While Azer has been helping create the amazing effects at BeFunky since it started, that's not where his story begins. Earlier in his life he lived like a vagabond, and he quite liked it that way because he's intrigued by underground lifestyles. While he's someone who has always had a good sense of intuition, he credits these early experiences with strengthening his. Today he believes that it's this quality that helps him make the various products for BeFunky so instinctual for its users.

Azer's curiosity about the many machines he was surrounded by in high school led to his first engagements with computers. He quickly got sucked into the programming field; he wrote codes with Commodore 64 and IBM, then later sold a significant amount of software. He believes that being a programmer that comes from an old-school, algorithmic background is part of what helps him to transfer ideas into the digital platform so well. Today Azer is very experienced in artificial intelligence type algorithms and focuses on flexibility while developing software.

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Christina Ferris

Graphic Designer

Christina (AKA: Christy, Antichristy and Bruiser) is an artist, animal lover, appreciator of nature and fan of B, C and D-movies. Before joining the BeFunky team it is a mystery how Christina earned her living. We do know, however, that she has over a decade of digital illustration and video editing experience behind her (so she says) and that she has lived in several inferior states before settling down in Oregon. She once ran a marathon, but that is water under the bridge as they say. Lately she spends much of her time drawings cartoons of strange creatures, learning how to speak British, avoiding bears, and befriending the neighborhood crows.

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Derric Tanner

Product Manager

Once upon a time Derric cultivated a strong online following as a Radio Personality, which is what led to his big career change to the world of social media. He comes to BeFunky with experience as a professional photographer, a TV Producer, and a janitor. When he's not taking out the trash at the BeFunky offices in Portland, he's busy making sure BeFunky has the best photo editing apps in the world. In his free time you'll find him surfing out at Seaside, photographing concerts, or saying stuff on the radio waves at 94/7fm.

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JC Gibbs

Community Manager

After getting her degree in Graphic Design from the University of Panama, this Panamanian chica moved to Washington DC and worked 'solo' for a while as a Graphic Arts & Marketing Specialist around the food, hospitality, and remodeling industry. JC's passion for food, photography and telling stories inspired her to create a food blog and now she's known as the “Cocinerita" around the food scene, or so her mom says.

While blogging, eating and working, she joined a restaurant and became a Line Cook, so she will brag about how to sharpen a knife even if you don't ask her how to. Now in Portland, OR, JC manages the BeFunky Community and posts strange stuff on our social media channels, sometimes in Spanish, ¡bueno pues! When she isn’t at the BeFunky HQ, you can find her cooking, reading comics, watching horror films or playing volleyball.

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Jennifer Neil

Office Manager

Jennifer is the official office extraordinaire. She's the supplier of snacks and coffee i.e. she makes dreams come true. When Jennifer's not galavanting around the BeFunky office she enjoys painting portraits of ex-boyfriends, cooking quiche, watching cat videos, traveling on a budget, and pondering life's many mysteries over a good beer.

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Rouli Willow

Lead UX/UI Designer

Rouli has more than 7 years of experience in designing digital products with an expertise in creating compelling user experiences and intuitive products across multiple platforms.

She is very passionate about creating beautiful, intuitive, and crafted design solutions with emerging technologies. She likes to create products that are enjoyable to use, innovative, and that deliver a great experience. She believes in simple and clean designs.

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Tekin Tatar

CEO and Co-Founder

With an MBA from Sabanci University and 10 years of professional experience, Tekin has built his career around e-business, digital brand management, and interactive advertising. Prior to starting BeFunky in 2007, Tekin wore many hats as the Business Development Manager of McCann Relationship Marketing Turkey, a leading multinational company focusing on digital brand management. Among his multitude of responsibilities, one thing he focused on there was delivering interactive experiences for clients. After realizing one day that he was tired of working for someone else’s company, his passion for digital media led him to establish the company BeFunky and a team that will always feel funky.

When Tekin isn't at the office, you might find him at his local grocery store hunting for the freshest ingredients to cook with. Though he's not bound to any specific cookbook or website, his creations are often influenced by his family’s Aegean roots and culinary habits. He also loves traveling with his wife and taking pictures during their adventures. He especially likes exploring Spain and seeking out the best spots for local food, wine, and flavors.

Our Friends

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Stanley Blü


What do you do when this face shows up on your doorstep? We gave him a big hug, and he's been part of the BeFunky team ever since. He arrived one day with his diploma from Cambridge in hand along with a note that declared his ambition to become the CEO of BeFunky. For now we've made him an intern, and he seems pretty content fetching endless rounds of coffee for us at the moment. Each day his friend, Natasha Carlin, walks him home so naturally we thought she might be able to solve the mystery that is Blü, but instead his story just got weirder. Apparently he appeared in a dream of hers one night, then when she headed off to her classes Academy of Art University in the morning, she discovered him on her couch eating Twix bars.

If you or anyone you know has any information about Blu please let the BeFunky team know!

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Betty White

Office Security

Betty is the greatest guard dog the world has ever seen. She guards the office with ferocious licks and mid day nap attacks. She loves going for walks, not fetching things, barking at skateboarders, sniffing butts, and chasing squirrels all around Portland. You'll catch her riding into work on the back of Derric's scooter, like the boss she is.

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Before Nadja began working at BeFunky she roamed the southwest hunting roadrunners and rabbits. Now she focuses mainly on licking peoples’ hands, freaking out every time she sees a squirrel, and hating bees and flies.